Business Plan

1. This revolutionary pay plan is a 2x Unlimited Depth Matrix. Under this plan, you simply have a left side ("left leg") and a right side ("right leg") where all sales will accumulate.
2. In order to qualify to earn commissions, all one needs to do is simply join as a Independent Channel Partner and retail two Education Package Sale (at least one in your left leg and one in your right leg by your own reference number), and become an Associate.
3. After your first two sales, every additional person you enroll with your Ref. Id. will AUTOMATICALLY BE PLACED underneath your First two enrollments on either the right or the left side. As the sponsor, you can direct the new enrollments to join your left or right side, depending on where you need them.
4. Commissions are paid weekly, based on the total number of group Education Package Sale (Not only personal Education Package Sale ) that have accumulated beneath you.
5. In other words, if you had only 2 personal Education Package Sale but a Total of 200 group Education Package Sale made by others in your down-line, You get paid on all 200 Education Package Sales!
Please note:
To receive commissions on new Education Package Sales, it is required that at least 1/3 of the Education Package Sales be placed in the "weaker" leg.
The Education Package Sales made by you are never "Flushed"! You simply wait until additional Education Package Sales are made to complete the required 1/3 and 2/3 balance.
Unlike typical uni-level pay plans that stop paying Commissions at a certain level, Dc world wide Compensation Plan Pays down through Un1ed Depths! This means that whenever a Education Package Sale occurs, made by anybody in your down-line, at any level (yes, even on your 1,000th level), anywhere in the world, you get Credit for that sale and get paid for it.
Let's makes money with get, set, grow program. Education and with study or free time.

You only have to make 2 Education Package Sale...
...and you qualify for Commissions for Life!

You are paid for Team's Education Package Sale.

Team Education Package Sales are:
The Education Package Sales made by any of the person who -
i) You introduced to the Business Plan or the Education Package
ii) Your downline have brought on board
When you have a total of 9 Team Education Package Sales, The company sends you a cheque for Rs.4500.00. After the next 9 Team's Education Package Sales, you earn another cheque. You are paid at 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 and 51 Education Package Sale.
We call 51 Sales an "Cycle".
On achieving an Cycle, you have been paid a total of approximately Rs.25,500 for the 51 Team Education Package Sale.
There are NO Limits to how many times you can make a Cycle. You can Cycle Weekly, Daily, or even Hourly!!
Through it, you can make up to Rs.1,50,000 per week.
It's up to you and how much effort YOU are willing to put into it.
The best part about all this is that you may be relaxing at the comforts of your home, but your Team Independent Channel Partners would be building Education Package Sales for you.
Compensation plan
Dc world wide offers you the BEST remuneration plan.
1. You earn commission on the basis of the number of education package sold or received by us from your down lines.
2. Every time you make 50 students under your leadership, with at least 1/3 on the weak side you earn a commission of Rs.25,000/, and are said to complete 1 CYCLE.
3. Upon completion of an Cycle, you start over again and all Team Education Package Sales that were not used to complete an Cycle are used in the calculation of compensation for the next Cycle
There is no limit to the number of times in a day that you may Cycle but there is a limit of Rs.1,50,000 per week that can be earned by any one Business Center in each weekly pay period. There is no requirement to pay any amount of money to start another Cycle and there is no "higher level" Cycle that requires any payments of money to enter. One simply starts a new Cycle automatically upon completion of each Cycle.

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Commissionable Sales
You earn compensation only for your "Team Education Package Sales" and not for just recruiting others into this program."Team Education Package Sales" includes all Commission-able Education Package Sales achieved as a result of your Team's effort. These include Commission-able Education Package Sales made as a result of the efforts by you, your Down-line Education Package Sales Team and from your direct Up-line.
Commission-able Education Package Sale includes your enrolling others into the Each one teach two Program, and Education Package Sales of other products and services that may be offered later